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This was the first oil I have ever used on my skin. I apply a few drops on a clean face before bed, and I wake up with the matte glow I have always strived for! The chamomile is a very soothing scent before bed, and I’m always excited for this part of my nighttime skin routine. This has also kept my skin smooth and hydrated. Already on my 2nd bottle!


I was on a mission to find the right skin care routine for me since nothing seemed to work. I had spent endless amounts of money on products that did not help with my red spots and uneven skin tone. I started researching oils and realized that oils do not necessarily make your skin oily and decided to give this product a shot and I was literally blown away. I’ve been using this product for a couple of months. I wash my face in the morning with a cleanser and apply a small amount of the African marula oil on my face and neck and within a few weeks i saw a visual difference to the point i no longer wear any make up. At one point i thought i was pregnant because everyone kept saying i was “glowing” but i realized it was just my clear skin that literally looked glowing. I recommend this product to anyone that wants a simple routine and get amazing results.


It took me forever to understand what facial oils are capable of. I thought they would make my face more oily and that wasn't what I needed. Anyway I've been using the African Marula for over 6 months every night after cleansing and I've never been comfortable in public without makeup on until now. I've seen sooo much overall improvement, wrinkle reduction, glowing skin, increased hydration, etc. I met the woman who makes these products at a street fair and I'm so glad I did! Well worth the price!