Sultry Cocoa Body Butter - 4 oz

You saw this being made on Instagram. This is a truly decadent body butter, only using the highest quality ingredients and with no preservatives beyond the skin softening clinical grade Vitamin E. With a natural perfume mostly created by the infused herbs and oils but anchored by the rich cocoa absolute, notes of lavender and rose gently bring you in to experience the sensual grounding blend of Amyris, Vetiver and Sandalwood.

The oils and butters carefully selected to glide on smoothly and melt onto your skin. Infusions of organic comfrey, lavender, coffee, rose and oatmeal caress your skin alongside organic cold-pressed grapeseed oil from Chile, raw organic coconut oil, warming sesame oil and skin-protecting castor oil. A vegan formula, this is truly guilt-free decadence. a limited edition product - only 8 jars are available!

Some people are known to have allergies to castor oil. Always conduct a patch test on your skin before fully applying this body butter.

Ingredients: cocoa butter*, shea butter, soy butter, coconut oil*, sesame oil*, castor oil, grapeseed oil*, sea buckthorn oil, absolutes of cocoa*, rose, tobacco, lavender, and vanilla, essential oils and resins of copaiba balsam, amyris, vetiver, benzoin, sandalwood, patchouli, coconut pulp, ylang ylang, and nutmeg, clinical grade vitamin E, rosemary CO2 extract, macerated carrot oil

*certified organic ingredient

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